• Second Life For Mason Jars

    Is your rental lacking storage space? Create your very own elegant and functional wall mount using pots or mason jars and a wooden board. Tutorial…


  • Rattan, Not Just For Exteriors

    Far from its kitsch reputation, rattan furniture is making its grand comeback. This timeless garden furniture is making its way into our homes…


  • Germ-free Bathroom Tiles

    Variations in temperature and humidity in the bathroom can cause blackened and/or mouldy tile joints. Here’s how to clean and whiten them…


  • Stick to Your Appliances

    Customise your rental’s washer and dryer for under 10 dollars using adhesive vinyl. A fast and easy DIY project that won’t break the bank.


  • The Versatile Perforated Panel

    Inexpensive and versatile, perforated panels are finding their way into homes to sort, organize and store items. Super practical and decorative.


  • The Spirit of Spa at Home

    Bring the spa into your home and transform your bathroom of your rental into a haven of relaxation for your guests. Elements to create a zen atmosphere…


  • How to Tidy Up Efficiently

    Learn how to tidy up your place smartly and durably for your guests, so that they can feel at home in your home. Tips and tricks for an organized and functional interior…


  • A Belted Towel Hanger

    Using an old leather belt, you can make a decorative, functional and inexpensive towel hanger in just a few quick steps and moves for your rental bathroom.


  • 10 funny shower curtains

    Replace your old shower curtain with a funny model in your rental bathroom. Your guests will have a chuckle as soon as they wake up!