• 2 in 1 Spare Beds

    Spare beds increase your rental’s capacity, so don’t hesitate, especially since these days there are so many comfortable and functional models to choose from!


  • Green vs Blue Grey: The Duel

    Between the vibrant green: Greenery by Pantone and Dulux Valentine’s blue grey, what "colour of the year 2017" would you choose to decorate your rental?


  • The Comfort of Mattress Pads

    Soft, enveloping, hygienic..., the mattress pad will quickly become an essential element to the most comfortable bedding. What criteria should you choose for your rental?


  • Trunks-a Chest of Ideas

    Give an old trunk new life by transforming it into a practical and decorative piece of furniture to personalize your rental. Here are 7 ideas to get inspired...


  • Soft and Sultry Velvet

    Trendy once more, velvet has signalled its big comeback, and now that it’s easy to maintain, don’t hesitate to adopt it and create a warm, chic interior for your rental.


  • Upcycle That Old Door

    Turn an old wooden door into a decorative and functional object, and bring a charming element to your rental. Here are 26 original ideas...


  • The Kinfolk Style - a Way of Life

    More than a simple decoration style, kinfolk is a mind-set, a return to our roots that echoes authenticity and blends perfectly with any interior. Here's how to incorporate it...


  • Swing on in!

    Hanging chairs are a welcomed addition to any interior and provide the perfect place for those ever-so sweet moments of rest and relaxation. Here are 14 models...


  • Trigonometry Revised

    If you cursed triangles while at school, you will no doubt be reconciled with these geometric shapes as they bring style and softness to interiors.


  • New Steps

    By upcycling an old ladder, you can turn it into a truly decorative element giving your rental an undeniably original and creative touch.


  • Rustic Rope Ottoman DIY Project

    Want to know how to turn an old used tire into a stylish ottoman for your rental? Follow this step-by-step guide for this recycling DIY project using a simple length of rope…


  • 21 Creative Headboards

    A veritable decorative element, the headboard has become the key to customizing a bedroom. Tap into the inspiration among these 21 DIY projects…


  • Get Hooked!

    This summer, fish are as comfortable in your home décor as they are in the water. Get inspired and bring trendy scale motifs and fish prints into your rental.


  • Pallets, Stars of the Outdoors

    Discover 12 ways to turn wooden pallets into practical and trendy garden furniture. 100% recycled ideas to customize your rental. Get inspired...


  • Console Your Table!

    Don’t know what to do with your old table? Turn it into a console for your entrance hall, living room or bedroom. Detailed steps for a low-budget DIY project....


  • Immaculate Garden Furniture

    Here are some tips on how to use all-natural products to clean, whiten and polish your rental’s white plastic garden furniture (PVC or resin).


  • The Coral Wave

    Coral is this summer’s trending colour for interiors. Full of joy, it will brighten up your home’s décor. How to use it in your rental? Here’s the answer…


  • Mint Condition Teak Furniture

    Teak degrades with harsh weather and sun exposure. So, how then can you maintain your garden furniture? Tips on how to clean and renovate this exotic wood...


  • 23 Creative Bedside Table Ideas

    Take advantage of the current upcycled decoration trend and create your own original nightstand. Revamp everyday items or create a new DIY project...


  • Rattan, Not Just For Exteriors

    Far from its kitsch reputation, rattan furniture is making its grand comeback. This timeless garden furniture is making its way into our homes…