• Tartan, a Scottish Flair

    Timeless, tartan has always had success in winter décor. Find out how to adopt this Scottish plaid print in your home and how to best pair it with...


  • A Fruity Décor

    Give your interior an indulgent feel thanks to fruit prints! Blend in small touches of pineapple, watermelon, lemons, cherries and so on to perk up your décor.


  • The Confetti Effect of Terrazzo

    The material terrazzo is making its comeback in home decor! It brings an element of fantasy to interiors with its graphic patterns and colourful speckled prints.


  • The Flight of the Toucan

    Give your rental an exotic summer décor by welcoming the toucan into your home! This tropical bird with its imposing beak and royal plumage will create a fun décor...


  • Oversized Floral Wallpaper

    More original than simple paint, floral wallpaper brings a certain cachet to your interior. These trendy oversized flowers work in any room to create a refined décor.


  • Into The Wild

    Wallpaper is the perfect secret weapon for a lush jungle décor. When used in XXL printed formats you can create a real mural and swing your rental ‘Into the Wild’.


  • Curry Hue Spices up Your Decor

    Curry yellow is one of winter’s key colours when it comes to warming up your interiors. Which decorative styles does it work with and what colours does it compliment?


  • Walls That Travel...

    Guaranteed escapism through planispheres that can become real decorative elements for your interiors. Discover 16 original world maps...


  • Jouy to the World!

    Jouy prints are timeless and anything but obsolete. With these prints now revisited by modern designers in varied colours, they can work with any interior design. The proof…


  • An Optical Illusion Wallpaper

    Bring a touch of sophistication and elegance to your rental by decorating the walls with paint. DIY steps to creating a wallpaper effect using paint...


  • Trigonometry Revised

    If you cursed triangles while at school, you will no doubt be reconciled with these geometric shapes as they bring style and softness to interiors.


  • Dress Up Your Doors

    Give your rental an original touch with decorative doors. Personalize them with painting, wallpaper, stickers, mouldings, optic illusions... Here are 22 inspiring examples.


  • Mixing Prints 101

    Prints are an elegant way to dress a room. However, to create a harmonious décor in your rental, it’s important to use them carefully. Here are the basics…


  • Get in the Carioca Spirit!

    Energize your rental’s décor with a vibrant Brazilian theme. Adopt the tropical trend for an exotic and enlivening interior. Let yourself be transported. Here’s how...


  • 21 Creative Headboards

    A veritable decorative element, the headboard has become the key to customizing a bedroom. Tap into the inspiration among these 21 DIY projects…


  • Get Hooked!

    This summer, fish are as comfortable in your home décor as they are in the water. Get inspired and bring trendy scale motifs and fish prints into your rental.


  • The Coral Wave

    Coral is this summer’s trending colour for interiors. Full of joy, it will brighten up your home’s décor. How to use it in your rental? Here’s the answer…


  • How to Use Wallpaper Leftovers?

    23 unique and creative ideas using wallpaper leftovers to personalize your rental and give your furniture a makeover. Here are some inspiring upcycled DIY ideas.


  • The Sweet Madness of Origami

    The ancestral Japanese art of paper folding inspires designers to reinterpret everyday objects. Discover this trending origami décor…


  • Marble, a Trendy Classic

    Chic and refined, marble is the trendy material that’s finding it’s way back into our interiors. In little touches, it will add elegance to your rental…