• Living Coral, Colour of 2019

    Elected colour of the year 2019 by Pantone, Living Coral is a luminous shade that radiates Joie de vivre and will find its place in any interior. Here’s the proof…


  • Touches of Colour

    If you have kept the white walls in your rental, add touches of colour to boost the décor. Here are some tips for creating a shimmering atmosphere...


  • A Little Desert?

    Infuse your home with a sense of escape and freedom by bringing in a touch of the Wild West! Here are the key elements to creating a décor in the Californian desert spirit.


  • L'Afrique, c'est chic

    Bring a touch of escape to your rental with an African décor. With its varied ethnic influences, discover 7 key elements to create a chic interior!


  • The Jungalow Style

    Invented by designer Justina Blakeney, the term jungalow is a creative and joyful decorative style that seduces via its eco-friendly feel. Here are 5 elements to help you create it…


  • Optimize a Small Balcony

    A balcony is a real asset in a rental, so arrange it as an additional place to hang out. Here are 6 tips to optimize this small and narrow space...


  • A Coachella Ambiance

    The California Coachella music festival continues this summer in our interior décor. It invites you to relax with its bohemian spirit and native influences.


  • Homes Wear Jeans

    The denim comes out of the closets and invites itself inside the home. Furniture, textiles and accessories in jeans bring dynamism and modernity to your place..


  • A Feng Shui Living Room

    How can you create an atmosphere of wellness in your rental’s living room? Follow the precepts of feng shui to circulate the positive energy of chi...


  • XXL Knitted Wool Décor

    This winter, the chunky knit, also known as the "giant stitch", warms the interiors with its soft wool. Plaids, cushions, poufs, carpets... they’re just impossible to resist!


  • A Little Bordeaux Anyone?

    So what if ‘bordeaux’, the outsider colour, was to beat grey blue and acid green as this year’s winter colour? Mysterious and refined, this deep red has strengths...


  • Hygge = Happiness

    More than just a trend, Hygge is a Danish way of life. In interiors, it is characterized by a cosy Scandinavian atmosphere. Here's how to adopt it in your rental...


  • An Easy to Care-for Carpet

    Wool, silk, sisal, bamboo, acrylic... your carpet’s fibre will determine its resistance and ease of maintenance. Guide to choosing a suitable rug for your rental.


  • A More Spacious Bedroom

    If your rental’s bedroom is small, enlarge it using decorative tricks that are bound to add virtual m2 to your space. Discover how…


  • Cocoon Your Interior

    Learn how to transform your interior into a cozy, authentic and elegant living space to offer your guests a warm welcome. 10 cocooning design ideas…


  • A Soft Sheepskin

    Widely adopted by Scandinavian countries, sheepskins are a decorative element that bring a certain comfort and softness to interiors.


  • 10 Fall Decorating Ideas

    Using natural materials, soft materials and simple decorative details, bring some warmth to your interior this fall season. Selection of 10 fall decorating ideas...