• A First Class Tablet

    The start-up YourWelcome allows hosts to offer premium hospitality to travellers with a digital tablet worthy of the greatest hotel concierge services.


  • Upcycled Headboards

    Making the old new again! Personalize your rental’s bedroom by turning old household objects into trendy 100% upcycled headboards.


  • Rustic Rope Ottoman DIY Project

    Want to know how to turn an old used tire into a stylish ottoman for your rental? Follow this step-by-step guide for this recycling DIY project using a simple length of rope…


  • Don't Lose the Thread

    Organize and store cables, and electrical appliance cords in the house thanks to toilet paper rolls. An easy, free, and eco-friendly DIY project!


  • On the Rail Storage!

    Towel rails can be an asset to your rental. Easy to install and low budget, they can be used throughout the house for clever storage. Here’s the proof in 20 ideas…


  • Pallets, Stars of the Outdoors

    Discover 12 ways to turn wooden pallets into practical and trendy garden furniture. 100% recycled ideas to customize your rental. Get inspired...


  • Console Your Table!

    Don’t know what to do with your old table? Turn it into a console for your entrance hall, living room or bedroom. Detailed steps for a low-budget DIY project....


  • Immaculate Garden Furniture

    Here are some tips on how to use all-natural products to clean, whiten and polish your rental’s white plastic garden furniture (PVC or resin).


  • Kitchen Splashback Makeovers

    7 solutions to give your rental’s kitchen splashback a modern makeover without having to break old tiles. Low-cost-do-do-it yourself alternatives...


  • Your Photos Out of the Frame!

    Showcase photos in your rental with originality. Create a mini DIY gallery and make them part of the décor! 21 inspirational ideas...


  • 23 Creative Bedside Table Ideas

    Take advantage of the current upcycled decoration trend and create your own original nightstand. Revamp everyday items or create a new DIY project...


  • Second Life For Mason Jars

    Is your rental lacking storage space? Create your very own elegant and functional wall mount using pots or mason jars and a wooden board. Tutorial…


  • Walls That Stick Out!

    Masking tape has become a home decoration essential. Succumb to this sticky ribbon and diversify your rental’s white walls. Here are 18 inspiring ideas…


  • How to Use Wallpaper Leftovers?

    23 unique and creative ideas using wallpaper leftovers to personalize your rental and give your furniture a makeover. Here are some inspiring upcycled DIY ideas.


  • Stick to Your Appliances

    Customise your rental’s washer and dryer for under 10 dollars using adhesive vinyl. A fast and easy DIY project that won’t break the bank.


  • 20 Staircase Makeovers

    Give new life to your stairs and make them a decorative asset in your rental. DIY ideas to personalize and harmonize your interior...


  • Fresh Smelling Laundry

    Fresh smelling household linens exude a sense of cleanliness. Here are some old-fashioned tips so that the laundry in your rental always smells good.


  • Bring Your Flower Pots to Life

    To celebrate the return of spring, bring nature into your home and personalize your terracotta flowerpots yourself. Creative DIY ideas…


  • Painting Household Textiles

    Customize household textiles using textile paint. Let your imagination run free on kitchen towels, curtains, sheets, napkins… The results will blow you away!


  • Cleaning a Fabric Sofa

    Wine, oil, coffee, makeup stains… How do you remove a stubborn stain from your fabric sofa in your rental caused by your travellers? Age old tips and tricks...