For its third annual conference on hospitality, Airbnb hit it big ! This year the Airbnb Open took place between November 17 and 19 in Los Angeles, more precisely on Broadway St. in downtown LA.

    2016 Los Angeles Airbnb open announcement on a theatre 


    To host the event, which was designed as a get-together festival for 6 000 hosts from all over the world, Airbnb reserved four grandiose theaters, which hosted presentations by the founders Brian Chesky, Nate Blecharczyk and Joe Gebbia, by the Strategy Director Chip Conley,and by other speakers. Among them the only Frenchie, yours hostly: Katia Blanchard!


    Katia Blanchard description as a speaker on airbnb website 


    On November 19 I was invited by Airbnb, for the second year in a row, to get on stage and present my secret sauce on interior design for rentals - this time inside the famous 1650-seat Ace Theatre. My speech, titled "Interior design tips : give your rental a personal and unique touch",provided tips and advice for hosts, to help them make their rental stand out. 


    In fact, as a BnbStaging consultant, I keep noticing that more and more hosts tend to completely de-personalize their apartments or houses, to standardize them as if they were hotel rooms. However, guests and travellers seek authenticity and character in a rental, in order to make them feel "at home". My presentation, which concluded the Open, first focused on the fundamentals of interior design, and then proposed a number of original and easy-to-do ideas to customize and instill personality in a home.


    Katia Blanchard on stage in the Los Angeles Ace theatre

    Katia Blanchard on stage at the Airbnb Open at the Ace TheatreKatia Blanchard on stage at the Ace Theatre during the 2016 LA Airbnb OpenKatia Blanchard, Interior designer and BnbStaging consultant, on the stage of the Ace Theatre in Los Angeles during the 2016 Airbnb Open





    Airbnb Open 2016 Los Angeles, Katia Blanchard on stage   

    For the second consecutive year, I was invited by Airbnb to be part of its annual Airbnb Open. The hospitality festival took place in downtown Los Angeles between November 17 and 19, and I was on stage in  the amazing Ace Theatre.

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    Katia Blanchard at the YourWelcome Conference in London

    On September 27, the YourWelcome team invited me to their mini hosting festival in London. The conference gathered many hosts in St Pancras tower and was broadcast live on Facebook.

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    Katia Blanchard at the 2016 Airbnb Open in Paris  

    It's in the french capital, Paris, that Airbnb organized its second Airbnb Open on November 11-12. During this conference I conducted two workshops on interior design.

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    Henry Bennett and Paul Loran, the founders of the start-up YourWelcome, invited me on September 27th to take part in their mini-festival on hospitality in the St Pancras Tower, an exceptional London venue.

    St Pancras tower in London where happened the YourWelcome festival The St Pancras Tower where Katia Blanchard, founder of BnbStaging was speaking.


    What is YourWelcome? It is a digital tablet worthy of the concierge services at the best hotels. It facilitates communication with travellers and enriches their local experience. So it was during this event on premium hospitality that I intervened to talk about interior design of seasonal rentals. A presentation entitled "How can interior design boost your rental income?" given in front of many Airbnb & co hosts gathered in the spectacular room, but also in front of their screens since the conference was broadcast live on Facebook.


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    The second annual Airbnb hospitality conference took place on the 11th and 12th November, 2015. The event, Airbnb Open, gathered 5 000 hosts from 110 countries and brought them together at La Grande Halle of la Villette in Paris. There were two days of member meetings, talks from founders Brian Chesky, Joe Gebbia and Nate Blecharczyk as well as Strategy Director, Chip Conley. There was also a series of workshops which I was honoured to participate in as a speaker!


    Indeed, I was one of two French people asked to go on stage as Host Educators. As a consultant in interior design for seasonal rentals with BnbStaging, the workshop that I conducted, in English, was entitled "How interior design can boost guest satisfaction and revenue"

      Airbnb Open event in Paris with host educator Katia BlanchardKatia Blanchard's workshop, Airbnb Open 2015


    Nearly 500 hosts signed up to learn how to improve their rental’s comfort, generate better comments and boost their incomethrough an interior design that has the traveller in mind. This session, held at the Paul Delouvrier Pavilion, notably covered ideas for decoration, tips on organization and storage, advice on design and segmentation of space, guidance on colour choices and lighting, and reminders of essential equipment.


    "As an interior design consultant, Katia specializes in rental interiors

    and gives practical advice for creating a sense of wellbeing in your home”


     Host educator Katia Blanchard in Halle de la Villette with the Airbnb Open symbol