Hammocks may be getting worried as hanging chairs are poised to dethrone them as kings of comfort. Not only do these chairs, also called suspended or swing chairs, appear in gardens, but they also invite themselves into homes and apartments. Designers are striving to make them a new must-have in décor. Rounded cocoon or egg-shaped, wicker or fabric, pedestal or hung from the ceiling, this floating chair offers undeniable moments of rest and relaxation thanks its swaying and enveloping properties. Your travellers will never want to get out! You can install one in your rental’s living room or bedroom as they blend seamlessly with any style of interior decoration - contemporary, shabby, ethnic, country or bohemian. Here are 14 trending models that will undoubtedly make you want to swing!


Three hanging chairs in wicker

Two hanging chairs in the living room

Three haning chairs in different style

Six trending hanging chairs1.AM.PM / 2.atylia home / 3.Broste Copenhagen /4.HK Living via LEF living / 5.Urban Outfitters / 6.Alibaba/ 7.HK Living via LEF living / 8.Hamac urbain / 9.La Foir’ Fouille / 10.Maisons du monde / 11.Pier Import / 12.Pier Import / 13.made in design / 14.Maisons du monde


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