Staircases are all too often neglected in the household, yet they can act as a lovely bridge between the ground floor and the upstairs. So don’t hesitate to renovate your stairs to give them a boost and harmonize your interior. In this domain, bloggers are creatively outdoing each other, finding new ways to customize steps and staircases with easy and affordable DIY makeovers. Using paint, wallpaper, adhesives, masking tapes, stencils, mosaics, tiles, chalkboard paint and even license plates, the stairs can be a real asset to your rental decor. The proof is in the pictures.


DIY Paint job

DIY painted stairs 1Left: Shades of blue, Geoffrey Hogdon-Coast living. Right: street art style, mi case es feng

DIY painted stairs 2Left: Simple lines, Faded Plains. Right: Painted Therapy

DIY painted stairs 3Left: Show off untreated wood with Funky Junk Interiors. Right: Skona Hem-Light Locations


DIY adhesives

DIY adhesives on stairs 1Left: Monochrome patchwork via Etsy. Right: rainbow via Like a Color

DIY adhesives on stairsLeft: Inspirational words via Leap design. Right: Literary works via Etsy

DIY adhesives on stairsLeft: Deco with a sense of humour via The Locker. Right: Spring fling via Decorating Files


DIY with masking tape

DIY masking tape on stairsLeft: Coloured masking tape via I Am Pascal. Right: Honest to Nod


DIY with wallpaper

DIY wallpaper on stairsLeft: Strips and cascades of wallpaper with Patrick Cline-Lonny. Right: Olga Shibiko-Apartment Therapy


DIY stencils

DIY stencils on stairsLeft: Numbers via Kozikaza. Right: Motifs from Grateful Prayer Thankful Heart


Original DIYs

DIY on stairs with license plates and faienceLeft: license plates via Cherished Vintage. Right: faience tiles via Norman Design Group-Bloglovin’



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