Graphic, floral, colourful or poetic, wallpaper has been making a comeback in interior decoration for several months now. Adding or changing wallpaper often produces leftover unused sheets or strips. Stop throwing them away! Wallpaper leftovers are a godsend for easily personalizing your rental space on a budget. With just a couple scissor snips and a little glue, you can create a headboard, give your dresser a makeover, customize lamp covers or stair risers, decorate the inside of a drawer, spruce up a door or even create works of art… Wallpaper lends itself to all your decoration desires with upcycled DIY possibilities as creative as they are inspiring. Here are 23 images that show you how!


Decorate furniture

Furniture makeovers with wallpaper leftovers1.Capello a bombetta / 2.Better Homes and Gardens / 3.Cindecor / 4.Minimalisti / 5.Deroux Interiors / 6.A Lo and behold life


Customize furniture and accessories

Furniture makeovers with wallpaper leftovers1.The Lighting works / 2.This Little street / 3.Farrow & Ball / life / 5.Better Homes and Gardens / 6.A Little knick knack 


Beautify the walls

Frame makeovers on the wall with wallpaper leftovers1.Better Homes and Gardens / 2.Better Homes and Gardens / 3.Johen Gruen via Woman’s Day / 4.Imperfect homemaking 


Create headboards

Headboards makeovers with wallpaper leftovers1.Lynne Millar via Stepmodo / 2.Farrow and Ball /3.With style and substance 


Dress up doors

Doors makeovers with wallpaper leftoversLeft: Better Homes and Gardens / Right: Martha Stewart


Personalize staircases

Staircase makeovers with wallpaper leftoversLeft: Ugépa / Right: The Bold abode 





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