Each summer, rattan furniture makes its way back to our gardens and terraces. But this all-natural cousin of the bamboo also likes to take root in our homes where they bring a certain bohemian or country-chic touch to our interiors. Very adaptable, rattan is a timeless option. Just like Proust’s famous Madeleine, rattan will bring warmth, not only to your rental, but also to the hearts of your travellers.


Hanging chairs in rattan outside and insideIndoors or out, rattan always finds its place. ©AM.PM


Rattan outdoors

Egg chairs, rocking or hanging chairs, rounded swivel chairs, retro sofas ... rattan garden furniture comes in infinite shapes and sizes, each one inviting us, in its own way to kick back and relax. Naturally resistant, this fibre is suited for outdoor use. Indeed, rattan is not only resistant to temperature changes but moreover, it is easy to maintain, a quick wipe down with a sponge is enough. Rattan is however sensitive to humidity, so it is best to bring it in during the wet season. Saying that, being as light-weight as it is, rattan furniture can easily be moved indoors, bringing a vintage touch to your décor.

Rattan furniture for the garden 1. Sika Design, via La Redoute / 2. Castorama / 3.Castorama


Rattan indoors

Raw and untreated for authenticity or painted for a more modern touch, rattan feels at home in any interior, provided it is used sparingly. An armchair in the living room, a trunk in the bedroom, a stool in the bathroom etc.; rattan furniture infuses every room of the house with a sense of Zen

Rattan seats in the living room©La Redoute Intérieurs

Bedroom with a rattan trunk©Maisons du Monde

Black chair in rattan in the bathroom©Blanc d’ivoire


... And it adapts easily to decoration styles as varied as country-chic, bohemian, ethnic, romantic shabby or even contemporary.

Counrty chic decor in this living room with rattan seatsCountry-Chic. ©Maisons du Monde

Bohemian spirit in this living room with rattan seatsBohemian spirit. ©Maisons du Monde


Rattan can also be used to accentuate accessories and lighting fixtures to warm your interior. You can use rattan baskets in the bathroom, a rattan suspension in the bedroom or rattan mirrors throughout various rooms. On their own or in succession, they’ll create a natural, relaxed atmosphere.

Rattan mirrors above the desk©La Redoute Intérieurs


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