The jungle style is everywhere this summer, so give a nod to the Rio Olympics and add a vibrant touch to your rental’s décor with Brazil’s carioca rhythm! Lush plants, exotic fruits and animals, palm prints ... fauna and flora all add a dynamic edge to your interior when paired alongside natural materials and warm colours. Here's how to use the tropical trend to bring a cheerful, summery atmosphere into your home. 7 ways to…


1. Abundant green

When creating a tropical style, green is the base colour of choice. Combine different tones (bottle green, avocado, almond, pistachio, olive, aniseed ...) and combine them with turquoise blues, mustard yellows, bright pinks or coral reds.

Carioca style with abundant green and blue, pink, yellow colors ©Maisons du monde


2. Luscious plants

You can’t have a tropical décor without a few beautiful green plants with luscious leaves. Succulents, cacti, palm trees, Aloe Vera, banana trees, rubber plants, hibiscus ..., group them in the living room, the bathroom or the bedroom, but be sure to choose wisely according to the brightness and humidity of the room.

Jungle style with luscious plants ©H&M Home


3. High walls of colour

The tropical style brings volume to an interior via pattern-covered walls. Saying that, don’t over-do it, instead choose to use just a few strips of wallpaper. Numerous brands are competing to offer papers patterned with palms, large foliage, flamingos, toucans, parrots, and more.

Jungle style with palm patterned wallpaper ©4 murs


4. Jungle themed textiles

Adorn your cushions, curtains and bed linen with foliage for a refreshingly colourful jungle style.


5. A sun mirror

Must-have accessory for the living room or bedroom, sun-shaped mirrors help create the carioca atmosphere.

Jungle style with flowered bed linen and a sun mirror ©Alinea 


6. Natural materials

A seagrass rug, woven wicker baskets, a suspending rattan chair, natural materials are making a full comeback to create that perfect tropical bohemian style

Tropical style with natural materials, seagrass rug, woven sticker baskets, rattan chair Left, Maisons du monde / Right, AM.PM


7. Exotic accessories

Pineapples and parrots are an integral part of this sunny decor. As decorative objects or painted representations, play with them to add that "final touch" to this exotic trend!

Exotic accessories, as pineapples and parrots, to create the carioca style ©Maisons du monde


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