The bedroom is your rental’s centrepiece, it’s where your travellers spend the most time to rest or relax during their stay. In addition they expect comfort and furnishings worthy of a starred hotel. Seeing that quality of sleep and relaxation are closely linked to the ambiance of the bedroom, it is essential that it’s inviting. Here are 8 decoration tips to create a harmonious and cosy space that your guests will be sad to leave!


Tip # 1: Harmonize the colours

When colour harmony is done well, your gaze can wander the room seamlessly without interruption. To create this atmosphere, understanding the colour palette is paramount; the colours of the walls, floor, bed linen, furniture and other textiles must come together and create a soothing ambiance. This is why it’s not advisable to use too many colours, just like with prints actually (5 maximum, see our article on how to mix prints). You should choose a dominant colour and one or two complementary additions. As for how to choose them; if you want a relaxing atmosphere, go for cool colours (blue, green, violet) or neutral colours (grey, beige, shell-white, taupe) and to create an invigorating space, choose warm colours (yellow red, orange, brown).


Tip # 2: Lighting is everything

Lighting is an important element in creating a cosy atmosphere. It must neither be too strong nor too weak. Ideally, it is recommended to have a ceiling or suspension light, and add side lamps on the bedside table or hung near the bed. This allows your travellers to read at night without tiring their eyes in an overly-intimate atmosphere.


Tip # 3: Caring for textiles

Bed linen, cushions and curtains are key to creating a cosy atmosphere. Match them to the colours of the room and play with designs to bring an element of personality to the room. Try to choose linen colour that blend seamlessly with the room’s dominant colour. The quality is also important; opt for cotton or go up the ante further with satin or percale, and pay attention to its density (see our article on choosing comfortable bed linen). Pillows play a pivotal role in making a room welcoming, but there’s no need to have an abundance of them like in the TV shows or magazines. For a double bed, select four pillows, two differing pairs so that your travellers can find that perfect combinations for a comfortable sleep. Place the largest model at the top of the bed and the smaller one in front of it. Pillows allow you to create a little fantasy, so have fun with them. As for curtains, consider getting a double rod that can accommodate sheer curtain which maintains privacy while allowing light to filter through, as well as a thick curtain. A light-blocking model can dress the window and more importantly blocks daylight completely which will be appreciated by your guests who so often may be suffering from jet lag.

Bedroom with blue and white decorIkea


Tip # 4: Provide storage

If travellers rent your property rather than staying at a hotel, it’s often because they’re looking for that ‘at home’ feeling. And, well, living out of a suitcase just doesn’t cut it. It is essential to offer a closet and shelves or drawers to your guests so that they can put away their belongings. The room will be less cluttered with clothes lying around everywhere and as such will be more welcoming. If you have limited space to install a closet, don’t worry! Use tricks like attaching hooks to the wall or elevating the bed on higher legs so that there’s space to slide drawers beneath it.


Tip # 5: Don’t forget the small things

The addition of certain furnishings will allow you to refine the bedroom’s warm atmosphere. The head board for example has become a decorative element. You can buy one, delineate the area with paint of wall paper, or even create a recycled or DIY headboard. Don’t forget the bedside table, classic or creative, which will prove extremely practical for your travellers. If possible have two for a double bed and you can mix and match them if you’d like. Finally, if space allows, a nice arm chair is a great addition to the bedroom, creating a chill-out area.


Tip # 6: Add a carpet

Carpet instantaneously adds warmth to any room. For ease of maintenance, favour a flat woven pattern. Note that the current trend is more! You can place them casually, overlapping each other or perpendicularly to create a graphic touch.


Tip # 7: Fine-tuning the décor

Just a few decorative accessories are enough to make a room more welcoming: candles, a round mirror, a vase, a frame, a lamp ... Once again, the rule is to avoid accumulation.

Bedroom with a drawer and decor accessoriesIkea


Tip # 8: Little touches change everything

Sometimes, simple touches can change the perception of a room. A few magazines, beautiful books, a notebook with pen, a small bottle of water, a reminder of the Wi-Fi codes ... These details help create a warm welcome.


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