If trigonometry made you cringe in your school days, here’s a chance for reconciliation with those pesky triangles! These patterns are currently very trendy in décor and they integrate with elegance in any room of the house through paint, wallpaper, stickers and masking tape. As an overall look on walls, triangles energize a space, and in small doses on accessories and textiles, they give subtle and soft sparks of style. So don’t hesitate to play around with these geometric shapes in your rental, triangles are a perfect addition to contemporary style décors, and to Scandinavian, vintage and ethnic interiors, likewise. Not totally convinced? You will be after seeing these creations, draw inspiration from them!


Painted triangles

Interior decor with painted triangles on the walls 1

Interior decor with painted triangles on the walls 21.Week day arnival / 2.DIY or die / 3.Bungalow 5 / 4.Cait’s Room / 5.adzif / 6.designlikke


Wallpaper triangles

Interior decor with wallpaper triangles7. & 8.Au fil des couleurs


Adhesives triangles

Interior decor with masking tape triangles9.Art Fire / 10.Design Sponge


Triangles on the flooring

Interior decor with triangles on the floor, carpet, paint, tiles11.Homebook / 12.La Redoute / 13.As de carreaux


Triangles on furniture

Customized furniture with paint and sticker triangles14.Samantha Pattillo /15.Decocrush


Triangles on accessories

Triangle decor on cushions, dishes, bed linen and accessories16. & 17.Ferm living / 18.Maisons du monde / 19.La Redoute / 20.Etsy / 21.Etsy


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