In addition to creating privacy and keeping daylight out when desired the curtain is an essential element in any interior and puts the final touch on your home’s décor. Thick or thin, velvet or cotton curtains dress the windows and can instil both a warm or cool ambiance in the room. In a rental, curtains are a great way to bring character and originality, so don’t hesitate. If you want to delve even further into customizing your space; you can hang the curtains or veils in elegant and original ways. Equally, you can choose household objects to create unique curtain tiebacks or to make unusual and creative rods. Let your imagination flow and take inspiration on the art of textile arrangement and hanging on a budget from these 18 examples…


Creative curtain tiebacks

6 creative tie backs for curtains1.2.3.4. HGTV / 5.Etsy / 6.Country Living


Creative curtain rods

Creative curtain rods for personalizing homes

Creative curtains rods to instill personality to the home1.Amber Clark via Country living / 2.Vintage Home Love / 3.6.HGTV / 4.Better homes and gardens / 5.Inspired by Charm


Creative curtain arrangements

Creative curtain knots to personalize homes1.Ikea / 2.Rae of hope / 3.Makkas Drapery / 4.Gap Interiors / 5.WPM via Amazon / 6.Park Designs via Lake erie


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