Long, narrow, cramped, dark... corridors are often neglected. And yet, they are wonderful spaces which can bring both personality and functionality to your rental. So let’s stop thinking of them as simple halls to pass through and turn them into beautifully decorative and functional spaces. And since the corridor is, more than any other room in your rental, conducive to originality, even extravagance, let your creativity run wild! Or, draw inspiration from these 13 examples. Here are tips and ideas for reviving your hallway


Play with colour

Colour has the power to change perspectives. Also, painting the ceiling and back wall or door in a different colour increases the sense of volume and reduces the perspective of depth. To shrink a long corridor you can also paint an alcove. In the example below, the corridor was painted bright yellow, which creates a box illusion. To give a feeling of space, the simplest and easiest solution is to create a horizontal two-colour separation. The darker colour should be applied to the lower part of the wall to densify the corridor and the lighter colour applied to the upper part of the wall to enlarge the space.

Coloured paint to change the perspective in corridors1.Delphine Guyart Design / 2.tête d’ange / 3.Ovolo Hotel 188



Creative decoration

To redesign a corridor, simple ideas are sometimes the most effective. Accumulate paintings, photo frames (or encircle photographs with masking tape to avoid drilling), mirrors (they will also visually enlarge the space) in an orderly or original way. Have fun attaching or hanging objects to create a corridor of curiosities. You can also multiply certain fixtures such as paper lanterns which provide a touch of lightness and a warm ambiance. Another idea is using natural elements to decorate your corridors. Branches fixed vertically along the wall create a hedge worthy of the best.

Decorated corridors with photo frames, branches and accessoriesDecorated corridors with mirrors and paper lanterns4.Callwey / 5.The Room / 6.Bolig Magasinet / 7.Miss Moss / 8.L’Univers d’Anaïs



Have fun with flooring

Laying a series of rugs on the floor and mixing both styles and colours can bring an original graphic touch while also providing the long-loved comfort of rugs. To add a fun and happy touch to an otherwise drab corridor, try following the example below where a hopscotch court was painted. If you’re looking for something less permanent, you can draw it on or create it using masking tape.

Decorated corridors with many rugs and with a hopscotch9.Studere / 10.Sarah Kaye



Bring functionality

If your rental’s corridor is wide, take advantage and optimize the space with practical storage while maintaining a decorative aspect. You can create a library or hang shelves. If space is sufficient, install a desk, create cupboards, and hide household appliances as in the example below where a renovated barn door hides the laundry area.

Functional corridors with practical storage11.Bloglovin’ / 12.Home Bunch / 13.Decor pad


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