It is often said that fashion is cyclical. Velvet is the proof. Currently being re-adopted by designers, velvet is signalling its big comeback in home décor bringing a cosy yet chic touch to your interiors. And this trend may well be here for a while based on the awesome advantages that velvet has. It’s soft to the touch, elegant in its British style, and velvet is easy to maintain. If in the past it was considered a fragile material, thanks to technical advances this is no longer the case; today’s velvet is machine washable! So don’t hesitate to dress your rental up with this refined fabric. Just one element is enough to create a warm and enveloping atmosphere. Be it on accessories (cushions, throws, curtains...) or on furniture (sofas, armchairs, chairs, headboards...), velvet brings warmth to both classical and modern style interiors.

For a timeless style, opt for a blue, violet, red or black velvet; For a vintage spirit, choose blue, pink and green pastels, yellow mustard or brown; For a touch of design, opt for bright colours like acid green, vitamin orange or fuchsia. And to accentuate its precious effect, combine it with gold, brass, copper or marble. Velvet will have the most beautiful effect in your rental, you could adopt it with closed eyes and get a wonderful result.


Velvet on sofas and on chairsvelvet throw, velvet cushions and velvet headboardGreen velvet sofa combined with gold accessories1.2.Maisons du monde/ 3.AM.PM/ 4.La Redoute Intérieur/ 5.7.H&M Home/ 6.Cyrillus/ 8.Bemz


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