Greenery; Pantone’s anise green, or the blue grey of Dulux Valentine, which of these colours will win in 2017? Both were announced "Colour of the Year" by teams of international experts selected by the two brands. In your rental, each colour works towards a certain effect, one imbues a room with the freshness of spring and the other creates a soft, voluptuous atmosphere. By using solid colour blocks on a wall or through subtle touches and accessories, furniture or textiles, both Greenery and grey blue will, in any case, give a decorative touch and a splash of personality to your interiors. So which colour will you choose in 2017? If your heart can’t decide, here are some of their assets that will help you determine which colour will win the duel…

Green and blue grey colours on the walls in a living room and a bedroom© PantoneDulux Valentine


Greenery by Pantone

Green color in the nature with tree leaves© Pantone

Forget the powdered tones of pink Quartz and Serenity blue, Pantone’s colours of the year for 2016. Instead, say hello to the bright green of Greenery, 2017’s colour of the year (as seen in the Tollens collection). As the name suggests, this green evokes the freshness of spring helping create the illusion of nature at home. With its yellow nuances, Greenery evokes vitality and optimism. It is best paired with neutral tones, shades of blue and green as well as pastels, bringing to life both vintage and modern styles.


The grey blue of Dulux Valentine

Blue Grey wall in a living room with white seats© Dulux Valentine

Following golden ochre as colour of the year 2016, blue grey is 2017’s winner according to the brand Delux Valentine. Blue grey is a gentle and accommodating colour that works well with contemporary, classic and rustic interiors. When combined with natural shades, blue grey will bring a chic bohemian spirit to any interior. When paired with plum tones, it will evoke romanticism, and when married with copper, red or blue topaz, it will infuse the atmosphere with a luxurious touch.


What’s your verdict: Greenery or blue grey, which colour could dress up the inside of your rental?


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