While the grey blue of Dulux Valentine and Greenery of Pantone rival to become colour of the year 2017, an outsider is in phase to win the first place: Bordeaux! A deep red colour, Bordeaux is indeed very sought after in interior décor this winter, and for good reason ... Rich and intense, bordeaux is both dynamic and soothing, mysterious and refined; It warms an interior while bringing a touch of sophistication. In your rental, it will do wonders provided you avoid the total look which can become stuffy. You can use bordeaux on a wall or more subtly through furniture (such as a sofa or a pouf), decorative accessories or bed linen and textiles (curtains, carpets, cushions, etc.).

Bordeaux bed linen, pillows, rug and sofa1.Blanc cerise / 2.Une vie en couleurs / 3.Oriental Weavers / 4.Ikea


Which colours go well with Bordeaux?

Bordeaux fits best in living rooms and bedrooms and can be combined with different colours for an elegant finish. It’s all about complementary colours.


- With white, off-white and beige, it plays contrasts and brings a bit of zest as well as reinforcing a modern décor.

White living room with a sofa and curtains in bordeaux colours1.The Jungalow / 2.Ark pad


 - With pink, it creates a feminine and warm atmosphere. The darkness of the bordeaux and the lightness of the powder pink evoke sensuality.

Pink walls with a table and a curtain in bordeaux colour3.Ferm living / 4.The Socialite Family


- Turquoise, cobalt, sky or duck blue as well as emerald green combined with bordeaux create an original and modern interior, and can even provide a hint of English style. The shades of blue also provide well-being to the room and enhance a cosy atmosphere. That being said, it is better to add a third, more neutral colour to this duo, and definitely avoid combining bordeaux and navy blue.

Blue and bordeaux colours in two living roomsBordeaux colour in living rooms with blue walls and green carpet5.Lonny / 6.Sage and Clare / 7.Lonny / 8.David Howell Design via one kindesign


- Black and dark colours give power to bordeaux and create a baroque and cosy space.

Black and other dark colours mixed with bordeaux walls in a corridor and a bedroom9.Abigail Ahern / 10.Jennifer Koper


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