If in the world of fashion, black is a go to reference for elegance, it’s the same for interior décor! Contrary to popular belief, this "non-colour" brings luminosity, volume and a certain dynamic to interiors. Subtle, black infuses every room of the house with sobriety and sophistication. In association with white, it invites itself into the bathroom, one of its favourite playgrounds. Whether the bathroom is modern or retro, black is a powerful ally to give it a timeless and chic look. So, will you succumb to the black trend? Here are 10 inspirations to bring black into your rental’s bathroom...


Black, a sure bet

Black blends perfectly with all bathroom styles. It has a resolutely graphic feel in contemporary and design bathrooms, and a timeless one in classic, retro or vintage bathrooms.

Black bathrooms in a modern style and a retro oneLeft: Sam McAdam-Cooper via Inside out / Right: brl.press


Black, a powerful ally

Black combines elegantly with white, but it also harmonizes perfectly with various materials such as wood, rough stone, marble, copper and gold or silver metal.

3 black bathrooms with wood, marble and gold metal1. Funda / 2.Bibo via Fubiz / 3.Paul Massey via House & Garden


Black, a source of inspiration

Black can beautifully dress walls, the floor, the ceiling and the doors of a bathroom. It structures the space and gives volume to the room, whether it is used in small or large quantities. In your bathroom, you can introduce black by painting, tiling, waxed concrete, even furniture. However, it is very important to keep an uncluttered space. Black needs order and structure to shine its brightest.

5 black bathrooms with paint, tiles and waxed concrete1.Chez Laurence Dutilly / 2.Dulux / 3.Blackhaus via Home adore / 4.Habitually chic / 5.Nord House


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