After looking at terrariums as well as jungle style décor, another green trend is emerging in interior décor: herbariums. Indeed, the herbariums of our childhood lend themselves beautifully in decoration and bring a hint of poetry or an apothecary spirit to any space. Herbariums can take on the form of wallpaper, watercolour illustrations, botanical posters, but today’s must-have comes in the form of dried plants. The immortal beauty of flowers and foliage play off of the minimalism of a transparent glass or white background. In your rental, hang a herbarium alone on a bare wall or contrast a series of plants in different size frames around the room. In addition to bringing a year round natural feel to your rental, herbariums will invoke memories full of emotion for your travellers.


Beautiful herbal creations to inspire you...

Transparent glass frames for herbariumsDifferent kind of herbariums in frames for decorationHerbariums as a decorative trend into interiorsHerbariums and frames with feathers on a white wall 1.La Pigiste / 2.Frederik Johs, Skovdal & Skovdal via Femina / 3. 4. 6.Moebe / 5. 9. 11.Herbarium / 7.Alana Jones-Mann / 8.Copenhagen Wilderness / 10.Anne Ten Donkelaar / 12.Loods 5


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