The decoration of our restrooms is often neglected, yet they are a formidable place for the expression of creativity. Indeed, the toilet is among the rare rooms of a house where it’s possible to dare to be eccentric and especially, to play with black. In this small, dimly lit space, black makes it possible to create, as in the bathroom, a certain style: chic, zen, retro, contemporary, baroque, psychedelic, graphic... Everything is about contrasts, using different materials and shades of white and grey, as well as bright colours such as yellow. So have fun giving the little corners of your rental a makeover and create a bold and personal touch. For an inspiration kick start, here are 20 toilets where black has been seamlessly and elegantly integrated


Touches of black in WCs

Cabinet design begins with choosing the materials and there are many black options to choose from: acrylic paint, slate paint, concrete coating, pebbles, wallpaper, mosaic, cement tiles, PVC flooring...

6 restrooms with different materials in black colour1.Vincent Leroux via Elle Décoration / 2.Texier et Soulas / 3.Beton Cire Centrum / 4.Alliance energie / 5.Gali Sulukjian et Etienne Maillard / 6.Tonjé Bakang


By letting your imagination run free, you can create a personalized atmosphere in the restroom and an interior décor that you can polish with black accessories, such as vases, shelves, mirrors, photo frames, lampshades or even toilet paper.

6 restrooms with different styles in black2 elegant and original restrooms in black6 elegant restrooms with black colour7.Cocoon / 8.Home Sweet Home / 9.Donna Dotan / 10.Sandrine Alouf / 11.Breeze Giannosio Interiors / 12.OrangeFizz / 13.Vastu / 14.Orleans Travaux / 15.Bahya / 16.Cécile Kokocinski / 17.Crystal Gentilello via Apartment Therapy / 18.Lichtenberg / 19.OrangeFizz / 20.Verona 2103 via Welke


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