The "green touch" trend is going strong in décor at the moment and manifests especially well with hanging plants. Green plants now float in the air to bring originality and poetry to the interiors. They grace the edges of window sills, dress a corner, energize a room ... and are hung with a hook screwed to the ceiling, or wall, door, a rod or even a light fixture. To give more style, they are placed in unusual pots, often home-made: from rope, macrame, bulbs, a square of leather, wooden rings, a can, bowl, coconut or teapot. Imagination has no limits! So don’t hesitate to give height to your planters. In your rental, you should favour succulents which will require little maintenance, but you can also hang falling plants which will create a wonderful effect. 


15 original pots for hanging plants in

Home-made pots with leather, bulbs...Home-made pots with macrame, can, rope, wooden rings...Home-made pots with bowls, teapot, coconut...1.Clad and cloth / 2.Vintage revivals / 3.Etsy / 4.Place of my taste / 5.Wicker paradise / 6.A Beautiful Mess / 7.The Lovely Drawer / 8.Ohhh Mhhh / 9.Modern Macrame / 10.Homesteading / 11.DIY with love / 12.Poppytalk / / 14.Object Interface / 15.Plan B by Morganous


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