Originally from Mexico, cacti are part of this year’s summer trends, and for good reason too as they respond to our desires of escapism and sunshine! Robust, cacti require little water or maintenance and as such they’re the ideal succulents to have in your rental. And above all, they bring an exotic touch to bohemian, Scandinavian and contemporary interiors. You can play on the accumulation of small cacti by multiplying the varieties (long, flat, with short or long prickles, with or without flowers, elongated like a candle or rounded like a ball...) for a mismatched effect or place a larger cactus in a terracotta pot or a woven basket to liven a living room or bedroom. But cacti don’t only come in live plant version; they are inviting themselves inside via motifs and prints on accessories. Wallpaper, vases, lamps, mirrors, cups, duvet covers, cushions, candles, picture frames, furniture handles ..., their shape and printed effect spice up the décor. So are you going to spice up your rental with this succulent?



Small or large, grouped or solo, vary the models and quantities of cacti.

Different varieties and sizes of cacti in homes1.Rebecca Centrén / 2.Lisagermaneau / 3.Craftifair


The cactus finds its place in interiors with a Scandinavian, ethnic, bohemian or even contemporary atmosphere.

Cacti in scandinavian and ethnic interiorsCacti in bohemian and modern homes1.Gather Home + Lifestyle / 2.Carley Summers via Design Sponge / 3.Alyssa Rosenheck / 4.The Band Wife


Shopping Ideas

Shopping ideas for a cactusShopping ideas for cacti1.Betapet via Etsy / 2.Kare Design via la Redoute / 3.AM.PM / 4.Fleux / 5. 11. 12.Maisons du monde / 6. & 7.Zara Home / 8.Fleux / 9.Iosis / 10.Serax / 13.Urban Outfitters


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