This summer, thanks to the colour ‘Mint’, a cool breeze is blowing through our interiors. Also known as mint green, this pastel shade refreshes the décor while bringing a real softness to the room. It oscillates between water green and glacier blue, and although it is considered a cold colour, it adds a level of dynamism to any interior. When associated with white, mint creates luminosity; it opens small spaces and makes them visually larger. On top of it all, this colour blends with both old and contemporary atmospheres; it highlights both solid parquet and whitewashed surfaces equally well and works with both vintage and modern furniture.

Mint colour in old and contemporary homes1.Fusion D / 2.Nina Holst via Stylizimo


You can adopt it via painted walls, furniture, appliances, curtains, cushions, duvet covers, light fixtures, dishes, etc., mint green works well with all interiors.

Mint colour via painted walls, furniture, textiles3.Mommo Design / 4.Décor Discount / 5.Nordic Leaves

Mint in every room…

Evoking cleanliness, mint green finds its place on the walls or cupboards of the kitchen and the bathroom, not without creating a slightly retro feel.

Mint colour in kitchensMint color for a vintage style6.Emma Persson Lagerberg / 7.Hauvette Madani / 8.Ikea Decora / 9.Picslovin / 10.Ikea


In the living room, it brings character, especially if it is in duo with black or brown wood. With light wood on the other hand, it creates a cozy Scandinavian inspired atmosphere.

Mint colour in various home styles11.Nina Holst via Stylizimo / 12.My Attic / 13.Binti Home Blog


In the bedroom, it offers a touch of delicacy that evokes the Bohemian or Nordic spirit.

Mint colour in bedrooms14.Roomin / 15.Dream Home / 16.Urban Outiftters


Resolutely elegant, mint green remains soothing, and some say that it symbolizes conviviality. It’s not by chance then that Mint is a timeless colour trend that is perfectly suited to rental decoration!


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