Green is taking over our interiors... After Greenery, a tangy green chosen by Pantone as Colour of the Year 2017, it was Mint green’s turn, a pastel green that eased its way into summer decoration bringing freshness and lightness. But these colours weren’t counting on the arrival of pine green, also known as forest green, which coming up to the end of the year has dethroned its cousins! Deep and mysterious, pine green is a symbol of elegance and is ideal for autumn and winter, as it creates a cocooning and luxurious cosy atmosphere.


How to use it?

Forest green finds its ideal environment in the living room, but it’s also being used more and more in the kitchen and bathroom. Note, however, that its dark tint tends to visually reduce the space; because of this, if you plan to use the colour on a wall, it’s best to do it in a larger room. Not only can pine green can be used as a wall colour but you can also opt to use it as an accent colour on a sofa, buffet or chair for example. You can also add it in small touches via curtains, cushions or bed linen.

Pine green color on walls and on a bathtub1.Tia Borgsmidt via Bolig / 2.Serge Anton / 3.Desire to inspire


Which colours does it pair well with?

Pine green pairs well with bright blue, brown, pink, purple, grey, pale yellow as well as with neutral shades. Its sophistication is best highlighted when it’s used with natural materials like wood and rattan, marble or golden and copper shades.

Pine green color paired with wood, rattan, marble and cooper4.Apartment Therapy / 5.Susanna Vento / 6.JJ Media Group / 7.West Country Shetters


Shopping Ideas

So will you make pine green a strong element in your rental’s décor? Here are some trendy forest green textiles and furniture to inspire you…

Pine green color on furniture and textilesPine green color on textiles and furniture8.Bolia / / 10.La Redoute Interieurs / 11.Gubi via The Conran Shop / 12.Le Roch hôtel / 13.Bocklip


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