For more than 250 years, Jouy prints have traversed the eras and decorative styles without ever going out of fashion. And with the current craze for vintage and everything second-hand, this cotton fabric is ultra-trendy in interior design. Created for the first time in 1760 in Jouy-en-Josas in the Yvelines region (France) by Christophe Philippe Oberkampf, the Jouy print enjoys a worldwide reputation for its bucolic and lyrical motifs. These prints reveal scenes from everyday life with characters and landscapes. The drawings are most often monochrome, red or aubergine, but can be in gradients of grey, blue, black, pink, beige, green, purple. The background always remains plain or bistre.

Faced with the popularity of Jouy prints, designers have recaptured the design and use it throughout the house: wallpaper, bed linen, cushions, curtains, lamps, armchairs, dressers, sofas, dishes... It must be said that the Jouy motif is no longer restricted to bourgeois interiors. It mixes old and new; it gives an offbeat touch to a contemporary atmosphere, it brings delicacy to the country style, contributes to the softness of a shabby atmosphere. The point is that used wisely, this print can work in any interior

The challenge is to manage the harmony of colours and patterns. It is therefore recommended to stay in the same tonal range as the Jouy print and not to mix it with other motifs. If you use it on the walls, use it with accent tiles. If the motif is intended for the entire room, lighten the furniture so as not to overload the space. In any case, whether it is in the bedroom, the living room, the kitchen or the bathroom, the Jouy print motif is enhanced when it is used sparingly, accompanied by a simple and elegant decoration. Will you succumb to its yesteryear charm for your rental?


Jouy Print Inspiration

Jout prints on bedlinen, wallpaper, curtain, chairsJouy prints on furniture and accessoriesJouy prints in contemporary interiors1.Au fil des couleurs / 2.Cyrillus / 3.Madura / 4.Miss mustard seed / 5.&13.Manuel Canovas / 6.4 murs / 7.Au fil des couleurs / 8.Interiors / 9.Hatboxes and more / 10.Guillaume Olivier / 11.Saint James Paris / 12.Rideau tissu sur mesure


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