Here’s an idea; decorate your home with the ephemeral beauty of Tillandsias, also known as air plants, an exotic plant originating in the Americas. These vegetal curiosities are called epiphytes; in other words these exotic plants naturally cling to most materials, part of what makes them so charming! They can be attached to organic elements such as branches and rocks, or any other decorative suspensions in the house. They can also perform balancing acts on unexpected objects (ropes, shells, pipes, grid ...) or surprising DIY bases (wood, pebbles, plugs ...). It is usually enough to attach the plant gently with a wire or elastic; the roots will adhere to the support over time. Air plants can also be revealed in all their splendour when slipped into a transparent globe or terrarium.

One of the strongest selling points for tillandsias is that they are both simple to cultivate and maintain. From the Bromeliaceous family, these aerial plants don’t need to be planted in the ground. They feed through their leaves by absorbing the minerals contained in the water. They can be watered either by natural rainfall or by being misted with filtered or mineral water. Additionally, tillandsias need to be placed in a bright room, avoiding direct sunlight, and enjoy a temperature of between 10 and 30°C.

So, will you fall for an aerial decoration in your rental with these whimsical air plants? Discover 15 original ideas to highlight your tillandsias


Tillandsia : astonishing suspensions

Astonishing suspensions with air plants1.Hemleva / 2.Michael McDowell / 3.Homey oh my / 4.Elaine B / 5.Craft organic


Tillandsia : original supports

Original supports for Tillandsias, air plantsOriginal diy supports with air plants6.TerrariaArt / 7.Poppytalk / 8.Gemsofthesoil / 9.Pistils nursery / 10.Janelle Gramling / 11.Craft Organic / 12.TheZenSucculent / 13.nova68 / 14.omorfigiadesigns / 15.Idle hands awake


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