The jungle trend continues to rule interiors. And the best way to create this tropical décor? Wallpaper with its XXL format prints is the answer. Forget about simple stripes or floral accents on a section of wall, this wallpaper turns any panel into a fresco mural or a wall sized painting. Decorated with palm trees, banana leaves, wild animals, luxuriant plants, mysterious forests, and more... the motifs decorate your walls in black and white or in colour, and brings a certain personality to the room. Will you send your rental ‘Into the Wild? Here are 11 examples of exotic print wallpaper to inspire you...


The Wild in black and white

Wallpaper with exotic prints in the living room and bedroomExotic print wallpaper1.Au fil des Couleurs / 2.Au fil des Couleurs / 3.Papermint / 4.Bien fait / 5.Rebel Walls / 6.Ohmyall


The Wild in colour

Exotic print wallpaper in the living room, Bien FaitPalm tree print wallpaperForest print wallpaper in the bedroom, Rebel Walls7.Bien fait / 8.Christian Lacroix / 9.Rebel Walls / 10.Rebel Walls / 11.Coordonné / 12.Rebel Walls


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