Green is one of the essential colours in interior decoration this year, especially when it comes in pastel shades such as sage green. This greyish green that evokes the leaves of the sage plant creates a relaxing atmosphere in any home. It brings a breath of elegance to any room in the house by appearing on the walls of the living room, bedroom, kitchen and even the bathroom. And contrary to what one might think, it pairs well with a variety of colours and materials creating different atmospheres ranging from vintage to Scandinavian.

Sage green colour in the living room, the kitchen and the bathroom1.Folkhem / 2.Jennifer Justice Interiors / 3.Blend Interiors


Which shades pair well with sage green?

Sage green, also known as grey-green, harmonizes with muted hues such as pine green, celadon green and duck blue, giving it a warm and refined feel. With a pale pink, it envelops the room in softness and with touches of black; it takes on a more sophisticated look. But it is with natural colours like white and beige that it is best highlighted to create a relaxing and trendy interior.

Sage green colour in home decor4.Jotun / 5.Little Green / 6.Beaucoup Store / 7.Martinkovic Milford Architects


Which materials team up well with sage green?

Sage green and light woods work wonders for creating a serene décor. With noble materials such as brass, copper and marble, sage green invokes a chic spirit, not unlike the art deco style. Velvet and lacquer are also highlighted by this greyish green.

Sage green colour paired with marble and copper8.Seventy nine ideas / 9.Lisa Berman Design


Sage green helps bring personality to an interior, but like any colour, it should be used in small doses, on a single wall panel or via accessories and furniture. Always opt for subtlety in a rental.


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