Africa has become a source of inspiration for designers. So if you want to bring an extra touch of escape to your rental, go with African inspired decoration! With its varied ethnic influences, the "African" style is full of eclecticism. The idea is not to create a ‘complete look’ but rather add notes of African craftsmanship throughout the space. Associated with a contemporary or retro atmosphere, they will create a resolutely chic interior. Guide…


7 key elements for a chic African decor:


- sparse colour bursts. The African style favours the hues of earth and spices such as red, orange, yellow and terracotta that are frequently found in mural painting. In a contemporary Western interior, there will be question of dosage. Opt for neutral tones on walls and bring colour in through textiles. A carpet, cushions, curtains, a sofa...


 - solid or exotic wood. Wenge, ebony, teak, rosewood ... have a prominent place in African décor. In order not to overload the room, choose a few elements in this material, and preferably in a dark colour: a carved coffee table, a curved seat stool, a palaver chair.


- wax prints. Very popular in sub-Saharan Africa, wax fabric has become the cultural symbol of an entire continent. The wax print is an explosion of colours that can be found on clothing and furniture. As part of a chic decor, it should be used in small doses via textiles and goes well with graphic patterns in black and white.


- artisanal objects. Masks, statuettes, sculptures, totems, juju hats, terracotta and ceramics ... are an integral part of a successful African décor, especially if they are authentic. Do not hesitate to regroup them, they will be better highlighted than if they are scattered around the room.


- metals. Wrought iron and bronze will bring a modern note into a stylish African interior. Hammered metals are trendy; on a lampshade for example, so don’t deprive yourself.


- basketry. The ancestral technique of wickerwork consists of making objects out of wicker or other plant fibres (rattan, bamboo, raffia, straw ...). Accessories braided this way have become an indispensable part of African decoration. In your home, bet on a wicker chair, on baskets with various geometric patterns and on flat baskets that can be hung on the wall.


 - natural materials. Leather and animal skin complete the Africa style. Use in small touches with a leather chair for example or a single animal skin rug.


The African style is thus a mix and match of elements to pick from various ethnic influences. And, as I’m sure you’ve understood, the idea is to integrate these elements sparingly, with a focus on black and white. If you do this you’ll create a chic and original décor that will exude the travel life.


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