We are always on the lookout for good deals to furnish our rentals. So why not scour the aisles of garage sales, flea markets and bazars, where you can find old furniture that is now ultra-trendy in interior décor? You can leave them rough and decorate your home in a vintage spirit, or restore them for a contemporary atmosphere. Regardless of which way you head, these pieces will effortlessly customize your interior without breaking the bank. Here are 10 pieces of furniture to hunt for...


A Scandinavian commode

The Nordic style is still a favourite in décor, especially when it evokes the 50s. The Holy Grail is the Scandinavian commode in blond wood with its beautiful needle legs, keep your eyes peeled! These long thin legs give your furniture a retro feel; Buffets, secretaries, chests, drawers anything with slender legs is something you’ll want to haggle for right away at any flea market. Of course, you can easily give them a makeover with a DIY paint job.

Scandinavian commode from LilibrocLilibroc


A bistro chair

Very popular in the last century, the bistro chair is coming back into fashion today and is now part of the most sought after items, notably the Baumann Thonet models. Don’t hesitate in purchasing these; even if the wood is faded, an authentic feel and old-fashioned look are achieved. Anyways, if you really want to, you can repaint them in the colour of your choice to harmonize with your interior décor. Hey why not!? You can even have fun customizing them with multiple shades or have the legs blend in with the table in a mix and match spirit.

Customized bistro chairsVtwonen / 123 soleildko


Wicker or rattan furniture

Basketry is back in vogue, and for good reason. Rattan and wicker are materials that work wonders in all interior styles. Try to find a rattan armchair or a wicker trunk for example; they are must-haves that will bring an authentic and warm touch to your rental.

Wicker and rattan seats©La Redoute Intérieurs


A wooden workbench

Solid wood finds its place in industrial, country, shabby-chic and Scandinavian atmospheres. So, your gaze comes across an old workshop or carpenter bench, attempt to project it into your home. As a console in the living room, or a central island in the kitchen, or as a vanity in the bathroom, it’s likely that it’ll find its place.

Wooden workbenches in interiorsArkpad / Taryn Whiteaker


A wooden bench

Set your sights on a wooden bench. While certainly being a simple element, the bench will prove itself both useful and decorative in an entrance, around the table or at the end of bed.

A wooden bench in front of a bedThe Design Chaser


A seamstress table

Do not change direction if you come across a seamstress’ table in an ailse, also called a sowing table. If in its first life its vocation was to store sewing materials, today it becomes an aesthetic piece for keeping decorative objects.

 Seamstress tables in interior decorLes patines d’Agathe / mes petites puces


A china cupboard

Long considered obsolete, the china cupboard or dresser regains its nobility. Take the time to restore it and turn it into a centre piece in your home. You can polish or paint it and you can even reply the doors with chicken wire for a chic country style.

Customized china cupboardsInside Closet /  dukes and duchesses


An easy chair

Appeared in the 19th century under the Louis Philippe style, the easy chair has lost none of its splendour. To bring it back to life in your décor, think about repainting the legs, changing the upholstery, or even still adding trimmings like a lace fringe. It will sit proudly in a living room or bedroom.

Esay chairs in interiorsLa Redoute Interieurs / Alinea


A Vanity

More difficult to find in a flea market, vanities from the 30s to 60s will elegantly fit into a retro-style entrance or bedroom.

A vanity in interior decorSecond charm / chic et vintage


A sewing machine table

The sewing machine table of the past century with its robust wooden top and black metal base will prove to be a great find, especially if you find a Singer model. You can arrange it as a console in the entrance or living room, turn it into the stand for a washbasin and reclaim it in the bathroom or simply use it as a desk.

Repurposed sewing machine tablesLansfast / Home Shabby home


These vintage pieces that you may come across in flea markets, garage sales and even on second-hand sales websites  (as well as decorative objects) will bring a certain cachet to your rental. So don’t hesitate, go for it!


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