When one renovates a bathroom, it usually becomes rapidly apparent that the bill will sting a little. So if you’re looking to shave a little off the budget for furniture why not recoup an old family piece or workman’s desk and upcycle it into a vanity unit?

Not only, will you have a unique piece, not available in stores, but in addition this vanity unit will bring a real cachet to your water closet as well as a dose of originality. So rather than rallying against the bulky old family furniture that doesn’t match your living room or bedroom’s décor, give it a second chance as a vanity unit. Tables, chests of drawers, sideboards, enfilades, commodes, school desks, workbenches, counters, consoles, desks, old stoves, haberdashery shelves etc., will create a retro or vintage atmosphere after a little bit of restorative love. To inspire you, discover 10 upcycled pieces that were transformed into washbasin furniture.


10 upcycled vanity units

Original vanity units in bathroomsVanity units upcycled in the bathroom1.Marion Alberge / 2.Agence Véronique Cotrel / 3.Atmosphère d’ailleurs / 4.Likeabobo / 5.Miriam Gassmann / 6.Jenna Sue Design / 7.Anna Burles / 8.Sinto / 9.Studio Renow / 10.Jenna Sue Design


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