In today’s décor, traditional (and not so traditional) bed ends are making a triumphant return, and rightly so! Installed at the foot of the bed, a bed end offers undeniable comfort, combining style and functionality. Indeed, the right bed end will give the room structure, complete the decoration and give the space an undeniable charm. Additionally they can be great for organization; they can serve as extra storage as well as extra shelf space. They’re perfect for keeping the books you’re currently reading, displaying trinkets or having a spot for your breakfast tray. If it’s a chest style piece then it’s perfect for storing blankets, pillows, bed linen etc.

A bed end can take on a myriad of different forms. It could be a wooden bench, a travel trunk, a Nordic sideboard, a low-lying console. It could be an ottoman, small side tables, a cosy chaise lounge, a bench with or without extra storage, or even a wooden luggage rack ... The key is to make sure that it’s not too high and that it sits within the width of the box spring. You’re sure to find many models in a variety of materials such as wood, metal, rattan, upholstered, etc. that will fit in with your rental’s décor, whether that be Scandinavian, industrial, exotic, romantic, baroque, rustic, Mediterranean or other. To inspire you, here is a selection of bed ends that are as functional as they are stylish!


14 bed ends

Differents types of bed endsDifferent types of bed endsDifferent styles of bed ends1.La Redoute Intérieurs / 2.Angélique Nocentini / 3.AM.PM / 4.Ligne Roset / 5.Maisons du monde / 6.Astier de Villatte / 7.Ikea / 8.Maisons du monde / 9.Ferm Living / 10.La Bastide de Fabrègues / 11.Tikamoon / 12.Nido / 13.Maisons du monde / 14.Overstock


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