10 Air-Filtering Plants

To purify the air inside your home, consider having a collection of air-filtering plants. Discover 10 plants that are easy to maintain and care for...


Preparing the Bathroom

Guests expect a clean, but simultaneously warm and functional bathroom. Here is a guide to help you prepare it, and not forget anything, before they check-in.


A First Class Tablet

The start-up YourWelcome allows hosts to offer premium hospitality to travellers with a digital tablet worthy of the greatest hotel concierge services.


Playing Guide!

Airbnb delves further into hospitality allowing travellers that are looking for local experience to discover their host’s favourite spots through online guides.


Have a Message?

Hang up your mantra, a quote or a proverb on a poster to offer your guests a warm welcome. Take a look at the “statement posters” trend…


How to Write a House Handbook

Before welcoming your guests, send them a house handbook that anticipates the questions they’ll be asking themselves. The travellers will appreciate your hospitality!