When you frequently host guests, small "rituals" in the preparation of accommodation are appropriate; they save time, help you not forget anything, and offer a quality service that remains standard for each rental. Among the rooms of the house that require attention, the bathroom is on the front line. Indeed, guests expect both impeccable cleanliness and a warm and functional space. From housekeeping to small details, here is a guide to help you prepare the bathroom before travellers arrive and earn your super-host stripes!

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If there is one room in your rental that must be very clean, it’s the bathroom. Here, the hunt for dirt is carried out in every corner.

-First, attack the tile and wall joints that tend to yellow, or even blacken. Mould stains may also appear. Clean and whiten them with our previously seen grandmother tricks.

-Soap and limestone leave marks on the shower and bath/shower walls, as well as on and around the tap. There are different natural products that you can use to make them shine.

-If your shower room has a shower curtain, know that you can put it in a washing machine.

-Then make sure to clean the windows, mirrors and floor.


2.The accessories

-Remove your personal belongings from the bathroom to make room for your guests. They will enjoy placing their toiletries on shelves or in closets, rather than lugging their kit from the bedroom each time. This space will also allow them to feel more at home.

-Check that there are accessories: a floor mat (clean and non-slip), a small trash can, a magnifying mirror, a hair dryer, a soap dispenser, a full face mirror, as well a small auxiliary heater if necessary.

-Make sure that the bathroom is functional and includes: hooks and bars to hang the towels, or even better a towel-dryer, a seat, stool, or small bench to place clean clothes, hooks for hanging toiletry kits, free shelves and a step for kids.


3.The attention to detail

-Pack a set of towels per person with both a small and large towel (see our article how to choose quality towels?). It goes without saying that they should be the same colour. If you receive several people that will share the same bathroom, it may be advisable to offer different coloured sets so that guests know which ones are theirs. Take care to fold the towels, you can then leave them in the bathroom or lay them on the guest’s bed.

-Travellers appreciate the little touches, so have some shower gel, shampoo and liquid hand soap at their disposal. If you can, make them a cosmetics basket with small soaps, body milk, cotton balls, scented oils...

-To create a complete refined atmosphere, diffuse a pleasant perfume in the bathroom with for example essential oils, lemon or lavender.


All these little touches are of course not mandatory, but they show guests that you care about their comfort and well-being.


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