Isn’t it nice? Slipping into soft sheets that exude freshness? Drying off with deliciously scented fluffy towels? There is no denying the fact that fresh smelling linens convey a sense of cleanliness. So don’t ignore it, that little extra will give your guests an added sense of comfort when in your rental. Luckily, there are numerous all-natural solutions to help remove odours of must, moisture, tobacco, and so forth. Here are a few old-fashioned tips that smell oh so good!

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Small reminders:

  • Never leave laundry in the washing machine’s drum once the cycle is complete. Wet and balled up, it will soon smell bad. If your washing machine allows, opt for a delayed start so that the cycle’s end coincides with your return. If you don’t have that programming button, choose the "rinse hold" mode that will allow you to finish the cycle once home.
  • Preferably hang your laundry up in the fresh outdoors. If you don’t have a garden or courtyard, make sure to keep breathing space between linens on the drying rack.
  • Wait until your laundry is completely dry before storing it. Musty smells are often linked to laundry that’s been folded while still slightly humid.
  • Regularly ventilate closets, drawers, wardrobes, dressers, and cabinets, and if the room seems damp, strategically place pieces of chalk to absorb the humidity.



  • Scented detergents

Flowery, fragrant detergents are abundant, but for those who want a more natural product, it is possible to make your own. The recipe is easy and economical: Just take 100 grams of chipped 100% natural olive oil based soap, sodium bicarbonate (3 tablespoons), essential oils (7 drops), hot water (2 litres), and cold water (1 litre), mix it all together in a large container and make sure to shake before each use. For dosage just use the same amount that you would a non-concentrated industrial detergent.


  • White vinegar

In an empty bottle, mix 30 ml white vinegar (distilled vinegar), 30 cl of mineral water and 30 drops of essential oils. Pour half a glass in the washing machine’s softener tray.


  • Essential oils

Put 10 to 15 drops of essential oil on a washcloth and place it inside the fully loaded washing machine. Check in advance that the selected essential oils will not stain or damage laundry, certain oils like cinnamon or mandarin can indeed be quite aggressive.



  • Scented fabric softeners

Practical to perfume household laundry, they are widely available. However, it is always worth favouring ecological and organic softeners to limit water pollution with quaternary ammonium compounds.


  • Essential oils

If you own a dryer, take a clean cloth, add 5 to 10 drops of essential oil and place it in the drum with the laundry.



  • Essential oils

Add a few drops to your iron or steamer.


  • White vinegar

Fill a spray bottle half with water, half with white vinegar and spray laundry once or twice to perfume.



  • Essential oils

Soak a cotton ball, or a porous stone for example with essential oils, then place them in your drawers or closets. Eucalyptus has the added advantage of protecting fabric from moths.


  • Dried citrus and flowers (potpourri)

A small bag of dried flowers is the most well-known of the old-fashioned tips, for the simple reason that it’s easy to do and gives off a marvellous natural scent. Be it lavender, rose, mint, or rosemary… the choices are endless! The process is simple: tie the flowers into a bouquet and hang them upside down to dry for two to three weeks. All you need to do now is remove the petals and place them in a small cloth bag. You can equally use citrus peels or rinds.


  • Bath salts and soaps

Scented bath salts and soaps are quite effective for imbuing wardrobes. Place salt grains in a cloth bag or cup.


  • Fabric softener bottles

Once you have used the contents of a bottle of fabric softener, cut it up, let it dry in the open air before placing it in your wardrobe. The plastic remains imbibed with fragrance which then perfumes your linen.


How about you, what methods do you use to give your rental’s linens that fresh scent? Don’t hesitate to share your tips and tricks with other hosts…


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