When we frequently host guests, it can be difficult to keep the rental’s walls clean. Accidents happen and coffee or grease can cause stains, children and animals can also dirty the walls, not to mention suitcases that often leave those pesky black marks. To clean painted walls, whether white or coloured, it is important to first determine the nature of the paint used: water, acrylic, glycerine or casein. Depending on the coating, the products and the washing techniques used will differ in order to avoid damaging the paint. Here are some simple and effective solutions to overcome stains on painted walls, whether washable or not.

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Walls with water or acrylic based paint

Water or acrylic paints don’t tolerate leaching. It is best to dry-clean the wall. You can use an eraser sponge, also known as a magic sponge (available in large supermarkets). These usually eliminate most stains, but otherwise a damp sponge (on its non-abrasive side) with white vinegar can work. Be careful not to soak the wall or scrub too hard. Another grandmother tip that is both eco-friendly and low-budget is to rub half of a raw potato on the stain. Use circular motions and remove any excess starch from the wall with a damp cloth.


Walls with glycerine, vinyl or casein paint

For walls covered with glycerophthalic, vinyl or casein paint, you can wash the stains with soapy water. It is recommended to use one bucket for mixing and another for rinsing the sponge. Scrub gently so as not to flake the paint. If you need to wash a whole wall to restore its radiance, proceed in small squares starting at the bottom and moving up gradually. This will prevent traces from the cleaning to remain on wall. Don’t forget to rinse with clear water and then dry the wall with a terry towel to absorb moisture. Besides soapy water, there are other ways to wash a leachable wall:

-As surprising as it may sound, toothpaste works wonders, rinse with a damp sponge when finished.

-You can mix (2/3) baking soda into a paste with (1/3) water. This solution is especially effective for removing grease stains.

-Dissolve 25g soda crystals in 1 litre of hot water, wash and wipe the wall with a dry cloth.

-Oxygenated water is useful for removing a wine stains. Dab a cloth soaked in hydrogen peroxide on the wall, then rinse with a damp sponge.


It is usually not recommended to use alcohol which can alter the paint leaving lighter halo-like mark. And in any case, wear household gloves to protect your hands from direct contact with the cleaning products.


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