Even more so in a rental, the bathroom is a space that must be hygienic, a space that exudes cleanliness. Bad odours are most certainly not welcome, so what are the best ways to get rid of them when they arise? There are natural products and grandmother's recipes to make your water closet smell good, however, before reverting to them, make sure to get rid of any dirt or moisture that could be the cause of unpleasant odours. To do this, clean the drain bung and disinfect the pipes, check the condition of the pipe joints and replace them if any water seeps through, also think of regularly washing the floor mats which accumulate bacteria. Once this process is complete, here are some tips that are good for de-odorizing your bathroom!

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Orange peels

One of the most natural and economical tips is to place a few orange peels on the radiator. As they dry out with the heat, they’ll diffuse a sweet citrusy smell.


Baking soda

No need to introduce baking soda as a deodorizer which is used throughout the house. It also work wonders in the bathroom. Place some in a small bowl or on a saucer, it will absorb those stubborn odours.


Eucalyptus branches

Bind two or three strands of eucalyptus and hang them near the shower, on a suction cup hanger for example. When the hot water vapour reaches the branches, the essential oils will release and give off a very refreshing smell.


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Cotton balls

Fill a small container with cotton balls and add a few drops of essential oil with the scent of your choice. Make sure this cotton is out of reach of children.


Dryer sheets

The wipes you use in the tumble dryer to soften laundry can be placed inside the bathroom’s air vents. Not only will the dust be filtered, but a nice fragrance will dissipate through the room.


Sea salt

Empty a lemon of its contents and keep one half of the hull. Fill it with sea salt and it will absorb bathroom odours. You can also opt to add a few cloves or other herbs such as mint or rosemary. 


It's up to you to choose which of these homemade recipes seduces you the most to ensure that your bathroom always smells fresh and clean!


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