Wood Furniture Care

To care for your wood furniture, here are some good practices to adopt to maintain it and remove those stubborn stains. Age-old tips and homemade recipes…


Have a Message?

Hang up your mantra, a quote or a proverb on a poster to offer your guests a warm welcome. Take a look at the “statement posters” trend…


How to Write a House Handbook

Before welcoming your guests, send them a house handbook that anticipates the questions they’ll be asking themselves. The travellers will appreciate your hospitality!


Smart Stickers

To make your place even more functional, consider using label stickers that can give your guests useful information. Your rental will be more welcoming...


Tricks to Declutter Your Space

A cluttered space is uncomfortable. So to make your guests feel at home and to give them plenty of space to store their personal items, sort your stuff and declutter.


The Key Safe

Since you can’t always be there to hand your guests the keys or take them back, a key safe could prove very useful. There are very easy to install beside your door rental.