Combining ecology, ethics and equitable distribution is the aspiration of many travellers. This new craze for sustainable tourism was also the subject of the Sustainable Travel Report; a survey carried out by The online accommodation booking website revealed that 42% of participants surveyed consider themselves to be eco-travellers, but only 5% claim that sustainable travel is easily achieved.


Eco-friendly accommodation

The report's findings reveal that 68% of travellers say they’d be more likely to choose an accommodation if they knew that it was environmentally friendly. Low voltage light bulbs, water pressure limiters, and fans instead of air conditioning are some of what make a place ‘green’, but there are other factors to consider as well. "What customers don’t necessarily realize is that when they sleep in organic cotton sheets, or take showers with water heated by energy the hotel itself has produced, their stay is ‘green’; when they eat a meal prepared with ingredients procured from under 30km away, they become environmentally responsible travellers and directly support the local economy,” says Gillian Tans, CEO of


 The role of the booking platforms

38% of participants expect more clarity from websites to help them better identify and compare environmentally friendly housing and transportation, hence the important role of accommodation booking sites. In light of this, has been reflecting on how its search platform could evolve and offer areas of interest which would echo this trend. The site is also looking to rethink its destination search engine so that users can easily find the best eco-friendly destinations.


Finally, it should also be noted that 62% of participants indicated their intention to stay in an environmentally sustainable lodging this year, so do not hesitate to adopt a few green practices in your rental!


Hotel room in the trees©Treehotel


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