The Airbnb Open in Los Angeles has just come to a close and during the final conference at the Ace Theatre I spoke about interior design tricks. Now, here I am back in France and ready to debrief you on the tremendous novelty of the American platform. The announcement has made a big impact; Airbnb is diversifying its services and in the near future it will allow for the management of travel from A to Z. At a conference at the Orpheum theatre, Brian Chesky, co-founder, unveiled the ambitious project "Airbnb Trips" powered by experiences and people. So, what is it all about?


In addition to accommodation, it will now be possible to book activities, ranging from a few hours to three days. A surfing course with an expert, initiation to astronomy with a specialist, immersion behind the scenes of fashion with a designer, discovering sculpture with an artist, strolling in old cars with a passionate enthusiast, evening jazz with the locals, truffle hunting with an expert, participation in charitable events... Through "Airbnb Experiences", Airbnb wishes to enrich travellers’ trips, to provide them with tailor-made experiences related to the local life and to open the doors to often inaccessible places. At present, 500 activities are marketed in 12 cities: Detroit, London, Paris, Nairobi, Havana, San Francisco, Cape Town, Firenze, Miami, Tokyo, Seoul and Los Angeles. The offer is expanding with a call to the hosts to suggest new activities...

Brian Chesky on the Airbnb Open stage for the announcement 

But that's not all! Brian Chesky announced the parallel launch of "Airbnb Places", an address based guide (restaurants, bars, shops etc.) recommended by experts on each destination. Places will be suggested according to travellers’ specific preferences. Added to this is a restaurant booking service via the mobile app with Resy, as well as neighbourhood audio-guides (from a partnership with Detour). Meetups will also be freely offered by members of the community, to introduce travellers to local life.

Brian Chesky on the Airbnb Open stage to reveal new services


When will Airbnb stop? Not any time soon! The platform will shortly be adding to what it already offers by booking flights, cars as well as other delivery services. Airbnb plans to become the one-stop destination for all your travel needs!



This is Brian Chesky's full conference at the 2016 Los Angeles Airbnb Open


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