To encourage members to discover new destinations, Airbnb unveiled their top 16 neighborhoods that spurred the most interest among their travellers in 2015. The seasonal rental community marketplace analyzed the stays of the 40 million users who rented a home on their site last year and established a global ranking of cities and their neighborhoods that had the highest increase in visits between 2014 and 2015. So what are the most popular destinations to visit in 2016?

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Asia on top

Countries in Asia are at the top of the list with Japan coming in first, followed by Thailand and Malaysia. Known for its 16th century castle, 300 boutiques and the Kurubon Market, the Chuo-Ku neighborhood in Osaka in the land of the rising sun listed a growth in bookings of 7000% compared to 2014. Banglampoo in Bangkok is in second place with its street markets, street food stands, incredible temples, spas and tattoo parlors. Brickfields in Kuala Lumpur, also known as Little India, comes next. This area is known its Mahavihara temple, spice stands and silk boutiques.


Top 16 Neighborhoods to visit in 2016, according to Airbnb

  1. Chūō-ku in Osaka, Japan - 7000% Growth
  2. Banglampoo in Bangkok, Thailand - 1230% Growth
  3. Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - 1200% Growth
  4. Capucins in Bordeaux, France -  960% Growth
  5. Koukaki in Athens, Greece - 800% Growth
  6. Triana in Seville, Spain - 770% Growth
  7. Hammerbrook in Hamburg, Germany - 415% Growth
  8. Kaneohe on Oahu, US -  320% Growth
  9. Meireles in Fortaleza, Brazil - 285% Growth
  10. Roma Sur in Mexico City, Mexico - 275% Growth
  11. Oak Lawn in Dallas, US - 260% Growth
  12. Poncey-Highland in Atlanta, GA - 240% Growth
  13. District VII in Budapest, Hungary -  145% Growth
  14. The Bukit Peninsula, Bali - 130% Growth
  15. Richmond in Melbourne, Australia - 126% Growth
  16. Constitución in Buenos Aires, Argentina - 125% Growth

* Percent growth of inbound guests staying in listings on Airbnb in these neighborhoods from 2014 to 2015


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