Sometimes all it takes is a small detail to make an interior feel welcoming. A mere cloth customized using a special textile paint can turn into a décor accessory and add that final touch that will bring the kitchen together. So let your imagination run wild and don’t hold back from DIY personalizing your household textiles: kitchen towels, cloths, tablecloths, towels, robes, sheets, curtains, cushion covers… You can add your signature, a logo or any number of designs that will make your space even more unique in the eyes of Airbnb & co. guests. Textile paint works on all fabrics (cotton, linen, silk, viscose, wool…) and can be purchased at a sewing shop, a craft store or a hardware store. The application is simple, the results are impressive and the cost is low, we love it! Have some fun with it, the techniques are as vast as your imagination. Demonstration…

Painting tablecloths© Jenny Steffens


Applications Tips

  • Before you begin, do some test runs on a fabric sample to see how the paint turns out. The color changes based on its base formula.
  • Wash the fabric in the washing machine, without softener, to remove the primer from new fabric
  • Go over the fabric with a steam iron so that the surface is entirely smooth and wrinkle-free.
  • Have a cardboard or hard surface ready to put under the fabric to avoid having paint drip onto your table or onto other fabric.
  • If you’re using stencils, you can secure them with some tape. After having dabbed the paint onto the fabric (with a round, stiff brush), lift the stencil and clean it or wait until it’s dry before repositioning it on the fabric to avoid any unwanted marks.
  • If you’re using masking tape, wait a few minutes for the paint to dry before removing it.
  • Secure the paint’s pigments with an iron, making sure to turn off the steam. Place a clean sheet or paper towel between the iron and the painted fabric and go over it for about 5 minutes.
  • To maintain painted fabric, try to set your washing machine to 40°, use a neutral laundry detergent and don’t put it in the dryer.

Painting textiles© Dandee Designs


Application Techniques

To customize fabric you can use a paintbrush, free hand it to make a design or with the use of masking tape to make straight lines. Stencils are also super practical and easy to use. You’ll find several designs in stores, but the internet will present you with absolutely endless options. All you have to do is choose an image you like, print it, trace it on cardboard and cut it out. There are tons of tricks to makes designs, get creative by using a cork, a sponge, an eraser, a paper towel roll, bubble paper, shells, fruit… They’re all free game!

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