Spring entices us all with irresistible desires for nature. Give in to your desires and let nature into your home with a terrarium. Ideal for rentals because they require little maintenance (no green thumb needed!), this miniature garden will bring an element of Zen to your décor, to the delight of travellers. So go ahead and create your own terrarium by following the 7 easy steps in this DIY tutorial…. “WOW” effect guaranteed!


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Steps for creating your own terrarium…

1. Select the plants

Ferns, succulents and cacti are classic plants that are well suited to terrariums, but of course you can compose your own with others. However, keep in mind that plants must have similar characteristics in order to grow well together; they must remain small, tolerate low light and love moisture.


2. Choose the container

Jar, aquarium, bowl, teapot, vase, glass, lamp, lantern, bell, bowl, bottle ... the choices are vast, however, the container must be made of glass and needs to be deep enough for the plant roots to settle. Clean it well, preferably with antibacterial soap to prevent eventual bacteria development, and then dry it.


3. Drain

So that the water doesn’t become stagnant, it’s important to have a proper drainage system at the bottom of your terrarium. This is easily achieved by adding a few balls of clay or a few handfuls of Pozzolan (an absorbent volcanic rock). Mix in a few pebbles or gravel to give it a decorative touch.


4. Add some moss

To prevent the soil from flowing over the rocks and to absorb excess water, it is recommended (but not required) to put in a layer of moss.


5. Integrate the soil

Add a soil mixture that’s tailored to the selected plants. As an amount indicator, keep in mind that the soil shouldn’t fill more than 1/3 of the container. All that’s left to do is flatten the surface and dig a few small holes in which you will place your plants.


 6. Plant

To promote the plants taking well to their new environment, clear the roots. To do this simply break up the root mound before placing your plants in the pre-dug hole and surround them with soil, gently packing it around them.


 7. Decorate

Add moss, pebbles, stones, or shells to your terrarium as a final decorative touch.


DIY terrarium from bloggers1.Wit and Whistle / 2 The Hipster Home / 3.Pretty Handy Girl / 4.Ruffled


A few tips…

- Soak the plant roots in water for a few hours before putting them in the terrarium.

- Water your plants with a spray bottle.

- Place the terrarium in a heated room, but away from radiators, and in a place where the plants will not be exposed to direct light.

- If your terrarium is sealed, air it out occasionally.

- Promptly remove diseased or withered plants, weeds and mould to keep the rest of your terrarium happy and healthy.


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