With the proliferation of electrical appliances in the home, it’s often difficult to find your way around the plethora of cables. Which device does it go with? If that wasn’t enough, they tend end up lying around and getting tangled... to our great dismay. So, instead of spending hours going through the cables to find the one you want and then struggling to undo the knots, there’s an easy trick for convenient storage. All you need is one magical accessory: the toilet paper tube, or kitchen roll tube! That’s right, the good old cardboard roll, which has no other purpose in life than to be destroyed, can be recycled and turned into a very useful accessory for organizing all sorts of cables. Simply slide the pre-folded cables into the roll and use a permanent marker to label them by device and even length. Not only will this make your daily life easier, but it’ll improve that of your travellers as well, who may need to use one of these cables during their stay in your rental. Finally, if you’re feeling creative, you can decorate the cardboard tube with adhesive tape (Washi tape) or paint it. Voila! Everything you need for an eco-friendly, easy to make and free DIY project.


Clever storage

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