With a sleek and graphic design, metal wire suspensions are ultra-trendy, but it’s true that they can be expensive. When decorating your rental, there is always the option of creating your own DIY model using simple home accessories, such as a fruit basket or corner cabinet basket. Incredibly easy to do and low-budget, a suspended grid structure looks great in the kitchen or living room and creates beautiful lighting effects. Here’s how…


Step 1: Using a drill enlarge the diameter of the hole where you’ll be placing the bulb socket.

Step 2: Remove any grease from the wireframe using a detergent such as St Mark and wipe dry with a clean cloth ensuring that there’s no dust on the frame.

Step 3: Apply spray paint with wide, regular movements while holding the canister 30 cm from the object. Remember to keep the spray can straight during application. Add a second layer, making sure to respect the drying time between layers.

Step 4: Wait 24 hours and then install the socket and wires. All that’s left to do is suspend it and your ultra-modern wire suspension is ready for the spotlight.

Black metal wire suspensionsLeft: suspension with Tradig basket Ikea Hackers/ Right: suspension with circular kitchen basket Chorizo & Chantilly


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