Give your ordinary furniture that extra X-Factor by giving it new leather handles. An old leather belt or commercially bought leather straps will give your drawers and kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanity or bedroom wardrobe a contemporary makeover. Basically, it’s DIY just how we like it: simple, fast and low budget, perfect for customizing your home. Here's how to make your own leather handles...



- Leather straps

- 1-2 round-head screw(s) and 1-2 nut(s) per handle

- A pair of scissors

- A hole-punch (to pierce the leather)

- A screwdriver

- Pliers

Materials to make a lather handle1.VLA / 2.Buk & Nola, Cottage / 3.House*Tweaking


The Steps

1. Cut the leather straps to the desired dimensions. If you want to make a loop, double the length as the leather will be folded on itself.

2. Using the hole-punch pierce a hole at the end of each strap. Fold the piece in half so that you can ensure the both holes are perfectly facing each other.

3. Mark the spots where you will screw in the handle using the help of a screw or hammer.

4. Insert screw into the pre-made hole on the leather strap and screw it into the drawer/door with the screwdriver. On the inside of the drawer / door, add the nut to the screw and tighten with pliers to render your handle perfectly solid.


A Few Inspiring Examples

Leather handles on kitchen cabinetsLeather handles on cabinets, bathroom vanity, bedroom wardrobeLeather handles on three chests of drawers1.Svenska Maklarhuset / 2.Alvhem, Mäkleri och Interiôr / 3.Hege in France / 4.VLA / 5.Nathalie, Regards et Maisons / 6.Stilzitat / 7.Dana Miller, House*Tweaking / 8.Ragnar Ómarsson / 9.Sugar & Cloth


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