Don’t throw away your old wooden chairs, as they can be turned into something ultra-trendy! Indeed, with a small paint job, you can transform them into designer-esque seats that will boost your rental’s décor. A classic or old-fashioned chair is infused with new youth via only a few brush strokes. Totally monochrome, colour play, stencils... colour modernizes these old chairs and can give a real character to your interior. So don’t wait another day to get started with this DIY renovation project using bistro chairs, Baumann chairs and the like. The technique is easy, fast and low budget; all you have to do to get beautiful results is follow this simple step-by-step guide.

Chairs painted in green color1.Made by Madrigal


How to DIY makeover an old chair:

1. The first step is to use sandpaper and sand down the chairs, this breaks the layer of varnish which allows for the paint to adhere better. Note that it’s not necessary to sand off all of the varnish; rather just the top layer needs to be removed. Using a fine-grain sandpaper and circular movements, rub the legs, edges, seat and backrest of the chair.

2. Using a clean, dry cloth, dust off the chair. In a container, pour lukewarm water and St Marc style laundry detergent. Clean the chairs with a sponge soaked in this mixture and allow it to settle for about 10 minutes. Rinse with clear water and wait for the chair to dry.

3. It’s time to move on to more serious things! Apply a first coat of paint in your chosen colour. If you want to make patterns, you can use stencils or masking tape to help. To paint the feet and angles, use a soft brush with a round edge and, for flat surfaces, a small roller that will uniformly apply the paint. Do not oversaturate the utensils with paint, it’s better to apply several thin layers for a neater result. Of course, it’s important to respect the drying time indicated on the paint pot between each layer. Generally, it’s best to apply three layers to give the illusion of a new chair. If you want an aged effect, apply a single coat and rub a fine grained sandpaper over the edges to simulate wear.

4. The last step, often overlooked and yet essential to protect the chair’s paint: is a varnish. It can be transparent or coloured, with a gloss, satin, or matt effect, depending on the desired result.


Are you tempted? Customize your old wooden chairs without further ado and dare to follow your inspiration for a fully personalized décor!



Makeover with bistro chairsPainted feet on chairsMakeover with paint for Baumann style chairs2.Hally’s / 3.Charlotte Love / 4.Etsy / 5.Urchin co. Interiors / 6.Lonny / 7.Dwell / 8.Sköna Hem / 9.Wix / 10.vtwonen / 11.Bric, Broc et popote / 12.Hans Mossel via vtwonen / 13.123 Soleil dko


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