The Ikea hack is a must in any rental, but what exactly is it? This phenomenon consists of diverting or customizing furniture from the Swedish Megastore and making them unique. It’s a way for Do It Yourself enthusiasts to decorate and personalize interiors easily and without spending a fortune. Let’s just say that hosts are more than just a little fond of these ingenuities. Today, in the world of Ikea DIY projects, head towards the hardware department and look for Ekby Lerberg brackets. In just a few minutes, this bracket will create wardrobe space for a room where there is either not enough depth or height for a physical piece of furniture. Of course, this shelving bracket can be placed at the entrance of the house as well, perfect for hanging coats for example, or even be placed in the bathroom for hanging bathrobes on.

How to go about doing it? It is simply a question of turning the bracket and fixing it to the wall. Then add hangers! The whole thing is fast and more importantly super low budget. The best part is that the end result is a practical and inventive fashion rack, reminiscent of clothing stores.

Ikea Ekby bracketsIkea


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