Have you ever thought about decorating your ceiling? We tend to highlight our walls with wallpaper, paint, paintings and other decorative items, and it is true that the ceiling often remains abandoned. But it doesn’t need to be! It can become a real asset and bring an original touch to your interior through some bold ideas. One of them is to revisit the idea of a ceiling rose with framing. The main idea is to make a jumble of frames and fix them around a specific fixture, such as a light for example. Not only will this assembly delimit the space by identifying an area like a dining area or lounge area, but it will also give personality to your décor.

Frames on the ceilingLeroy Merlin


DIY steps:

- The first step is to select frames of different styles and sizes. Succumb to the upcycling trend and reuse old recycled frames, they will add that extra charm.

- Next, organize the composition on the floor first to make sure you find the right arrangement. Once you’ve obtained a visual balance that you find pleasing, note the location of each frame on a sheet of paper, this step will prove very useful when it comes time to place each frame onto the ceiling.

- So that the frames integrate with the existing décor, don’t hesitate to repaint them in colours that harmonize with your interior. The easiest way to do this is with spray paints, they apply more easily and cover all the little nooks and corners more thoroughly than with a brush. Have fun with this customization to vary the colours, as well as perhaps adding some metallic, even golden effects.

- The final step is attaching your frames to the ceiling. Of course, the most common way is to attach the frames using nails or screws. But if you prefer to hang them without having to drill and make holes, there are many alternative ways to put them up. Some mastic glues based on hybrid polymers can adhere without damaging the surfaces. You can also use adhesive tabs, double-sided tape, adhesive paste, Velcro straps, adhesive or magnetic tape. In any case, be sure to place the chosen fastener on a flat part of the frame so that it is adheres more easily to the ceiling, and remember to check the weight load that your chosen fastener can withstand.


Thanks to this easy and low budget DIY, you can create a ceiling décor that will really turn your guests’ heads!

Home decor with frames on the ceiling


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